Technical Committee

The Wine Tasmania Technical Committee is a group of volunteers including producer members and associate members. The primary functions of the Technical Committee are:

  • Prioritise Research, Development and Extension activities through the development of the Tasmanian Wine RD&E Strategy
  • Advise the Wine Tasmania board of Research, Development and Extension priorities and activities and provide technical feedback
  • Promote the Tasmanian wine sector as a vibrant, professional place to work

The members of the Technical Committee are volunteers who give their time freely for the benefit of the entire Tasmanian wine sector.


The Technical Committee welcomes your contact and will listen to any ideas or questions about growing grapes or making wine. If you wish to contact the Technical Committee, or would like to inquire about participating please contact Paul Smart via email.

The Technical Committee's Terms of Reference are available on request. The Technical Committee is a committee of the Board of Wine Tasmania.