Meet the makers

We Figured It Was Worth A Shot

It was never going to be easy to grow and make amazing wine on our island. To get to where we are today, Tassie wine producers have battled, persevered, experimented, innovated and persevered some more. For a long time, many people questioned whether Tassie was the right place for some of the best wine possible. Countless false starts and failed experiments went into refining the way we grow and craft wine on this tough little island - and we reckon it was worth it.

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Meet the Persistent:

Rocky start. Refined finish.

The wine growing environment in Tasmania is equal parts hostile and obliging. Rocky outcrops can challenge the hardiest of vine roots and the most committed of grape growers, while ancient soils can vary wildly from one side of a creek to another. But for those willing to work with it, the island offers rewards with a depth and diversity of characteristics unimaginable in other wine regions.

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The impossible? Give it a crack.

We always had a strong inkling we could make a decent drop from this island. When conventional wisdom told us wine wasn’t going to be our thing, we told it to take a hike (BTW the walking trails are beautiful down here). Tassie wine producers are rebellious by both definition and necessity, and that spirit of having a go has earned them a whole lot of respect, not to mention a plethora of shiny stickers on bottles.

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Meet the explorers:

Cool climate wines, going hot.

Apparently, we have similar climates to some places where they grow grapes in France. All we know is our vines seem pretty content in a place where beanies and flannel are standard summer attire. There’s a mild chill in the clean, Southern-Ocean-fed Tassie air, allowing our grapes to gently and slowly ripen - perfect for elegant, intensely flavoured and aromatic wines.

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Meet the Tough-as-Nails:

We thought we’d rustle up something.

Tasmania puts on a pretty decent spread of produce, but we know everything tastes better with a good glass of vino in your hand. So we've taken it upon ourselves to craft some wines well worthy of the local cheese… and the seafood, and the beef, and the rest. Hard work to produce, easy to swallow. We reckon our wines have earned their place on the (groaning) Tasmanian table.


Meet the local gourmets:

Images courtesy of Rob Burnett, Adam Gibson, Joshua Lamont, Dearna Bond, Renee Hodskiss, Chris Crerar, Kathryn Leahy, Tourism Tasmania, Wine Tasmania.