Holm Oak Vineyards

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Holm Oak is one of Tasmania’s most highly regarded family wine producers. Our philosophy is to make single vineyard wines with personality and character that reflect us and the place where we live. Rustic, down-to-earth, not super polished, but genuine and authentic.

Opening Hours

Open: 10.00 am - 3.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Closed: Please check our website for public holiday closures.

Please confirm opening times via our website. Bookings appreciated.

Additional experiences include Sensory Garden tours and tastings (seasonal), self-service picnic supplies.

This vineyard participates in the Tasmanian Mixed Dozen freight scheme.

Pick up (awesome) Tassie wine on your travels and then have the purchased bottles sent to your home address. Present your bottles in dozen lots at a participating vineyard from which you purchase wine. They’ll let you know the cost of freight and it will be sent straight to your home address.