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VinØ 2020 - Annual Report

The VinØ ('vin zero') program is Tasmania's best management practice system, designed and tailored to assist the island's producers monitor, improve, benchmark and communicate their viticultural and winery practices.

It is a significant and important initiative, providing a user-friendly management and reporting tool. Program members receive a detailed annual benchmarking report, which identifies areas of their business where they are performing well against best practice as well as areas requiring improvement. It also allows them to assess their performance alongside other program members.

Below is the annual report for the 2020 season, which included two new modules, Biosecurity and Winery practices.

Biosecurity practices were previously included in the 2019 VinØ Program, but are now separated out into a dedicated module. We have also expanded it in recognition of the importance of this topic and in order to reduce the risks of an invasive species incursion in Tasmania.

The Winery module takes the program beyond the vineyard for the first time in 2020. This module aligns with the national Freshcare Winery Standards and has been reviewed by the Wine Tasmania Technical Committee to better match Tasmanian conditions and business models.

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The data...

Over half of the vineyard area in Tasmania is now managed under VinØ, with 22 vineyards completing their online workbooks.

Percent Area

This season, the combined average across members resulted in an overall score of 2.37 out of a perfect mark of 4.


Module Results

The program is divided into eight modules:

1. Soil Health, Nutrition and Fertiliser Management

2. Pest and Disease Management

3. Biodiversity Management

4. Water Management

5. Waste Management

6. Social (Work, Community, and Winery Relations)

7. Biosecurity

8. Winery management

Members are performing well against most of the modules, with Biodiversity Management an opportunity for improvement and this will be a focus of extension and education activities. The new Winery Management module will also be a focus in 2020.


Member Results

18% of the participants scored in the highest grades, which is similar to the previous season, with fewer members scoring less than two and reflecting an overall improvement in member practices.


Areas in which Tasmanian wine producers are performing well:

Soil Health - Weed Control Strategy
Pests - Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Pests - Resistance Management
Pests - Grapevine Agrochemical Application Records
Pests - Planting Material
Water - Water Security
Water - Irrigation System
Water - Irrigation System Maintenance
Waste - Waste Agrochemical Solutions
People - Contractor Selection
People - Remuneration
People - Grape Composition Testing
People - Contracts
People - Grape Grading
Biosecurity - Biosecurity Vineyard Inspections
Winery - Purchasing And Delivery Of Hazardous Substances

Areas of opportunity for improvement:

Soil Health - Organic Matter
Soil Health - Fertiliser And Soil Additive Handling And Storage Area
Biodiversity - Site Audit
Biodiversity - Biodiversity Action Plan
Biodiversity - Enhancement Of Biodiversity In Our Region
Biodiversity - Biodiversity Monitoring
Water - Water Management Strategy
Water - Irrigation Records
Waste - Waste Management Planning, Monitoring And Recording
Waste - Waste Management Training
Waste - Green Waste
Waste - Grape Marc
Waste - Waste Equipment
Waste - Paper, Cardboards, Non-Polypropylene Plastic And Metal
Waste - Polyethylene And Polypropylene Plastics
Waste - Carbon Emissions
Biosecurity - Biosecurity Links
Biosecurity - Sign In Procedure
Biosecurity - Personnel Disinfestation
Winery - Environmental Action Planning
Winery - Emergency Spill Response
Winery - Winery Water Management Program
Winery - Wastewater Management
Winery - Biodiversity Plan
Winery - Air
Winery - Energy
Winery - Fuel

Members List

VinØ 2020 Member


Barringwood www.barringwood.com.au
Beautiful Isle Wines www.beautifulislewines.com
Bell and Gong bellandgong.com
Brown Family Wine Group - Tamar Ridge www.tamarridge.com.au
Brown Family Wine Group - Devils Corner www.devilscorner.com.au
Cambridge Valley Holdings Pty Ltd www.cambridgevalley.com.au
Clover Hill Vineyard - Lilydale cloverhillwines.com.au
Clover Hill Vineyard - Tea Tree cloverhillwines.com.au
Craigie Knowe craigieknowe.com.au
Dalness Farming no website
Meadowbank - G&S Ellis Holdings Pty Ltd www.meadowbank.com.au
Gala Estates www.galaestate.com.au
Goaty Hill Tasmania www.goatyhill.com
Holm Oak Vineyards www.holmoakvineyards.com.au
Dalrymple www.dalrymplevineyards.com.au
Jansz - Pontos www.jansz.com.au
Jansz - Woodside www.jansz.com.au
Invercarron Wines invercarronwine.com.au
Josef Chromy Wines Pty Ltd www.josefchromy.com.au
Mewstone Wines mewstonewines.com.au
Moorilla Estate - Domaine A www.domaine-a.com.au
Moorilla Estate - Moorilla moorilla.com.au
Moorilla Estate - St Matthias moorilla.com.au
Pipers Brook - Kreglinger Wine Estates www.kreglingerwineestates.com
Pooley Wines www.pooleywines.com.au
Puddleduck Vineyard www.puddleduckvineyard.com.au
Richmond Park Estate richmondparkestate.com.au
Stargazer Wines stargazerwine.com.au
Swinging Gate Wines swinginggatewines.com.au
Tertini Wines tertiniwines.com.au
The Ridge North Lilydale www.theridgenorthlilydale.com
Waterton Hall www.watertonhall.com.au
Webster Ltd www.websterltd.com.au