Vintage 2022

The numbers

906,000 cases (dozen) of 2022 wine produced

12,548 tonnes processed


$3,237 /tonne average value of wine grapes

↑ 3%

Table wine grapes: $3,256 /tonne

Sparkling wine grapes: $3,213 /tonne


↑ 3%

37% of all 2022 wine = sparkling wine


Based on wine grapes harvested across the country's 78 wine regions, Tasmania is:

11th by value
1 place

16th by volume
1 place

Nocton Vineyard

The summary

Great quality, limited quantity!

The 2022 Tasmanian wine grape season delivered a wide range of weather conditions around the island, calling on the agility, expertise and vigilance of viticulturists and winemakers.

Overall, the 2022 Tasmanian wine grape vintage has delivered excellent quality across wine varieties and styles, with just over 900,000 dozen bottles produced (12,548 tonnes), 13% down on the 2021 vintage and in line with medium-term yields. The quality of wine grapes was again reflected in the record value of $3,237 per tonne, compared with the national average of $630 per tonne.

View the video on the right for a summary of the vintage from some of our wine producers around the island - Sierra Blair from Ghost Rock Wines, Dr Andrew Pirie from Apogee Tasmania and Andrew Hanigan from Derwent Estate.

The breakdown


If sparkling wine was considered a variety

(as opposed to being an effervescent version of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier), then...

Var Spk2022

VinØ Program

Looking after the land

45% of all the vineyard area in Tasmania was managed under the VinØ program in 2020/21.

Vin Ø

Our past (value & volume)


the rest...

Source: Wine Australia

Thank you

We would like to thank the Tasmanian producers for submitting their data for this report, and Wine Australia for including this data in the National Vintage Report. Wine Australia estimates that the total Tasmanian crush for 2022 is 12,097 tonnes based on a different methodology.

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