Vintage 2021

The numbers

1,045,000 cases (dozen) of 2021 wine produced

14,478 tonnes processed


$3,146 /tonne average value of wine grapes

↑ 4%

Table wine grapes: $3,207 /tonne

Sparkling wine grapes: $3,116 /tonne


↑ 5%

36% of all 2021 wine = sparkling wine


12th most valuable wine region in the country

↓ 4 places

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The summary

"Tassie Wine Producers Celebrate Vintage Success"

The 2021 Tasmanian wine grape vintage enjoyed the much sought-after combination of good yields and exceptional quality, setting a new record for the value of wine grapes. Overall, the 2021 harvest returned to average yields following a low-cropping 2020 vintage, with an increase of 18% to around 1.05M dozen bottles of wine (14,478 tonnes). The quality of wine grapes was reflected in the record value of $3,146 per tonne, compared with the national average of $701 per tonne.

View the video on the right for a summary of the vintage from some of our wine producers around the state - Cynthea Semmens from Marions Vineyard, Astrid Walter from Boomer Creek, Penny Jones from Bay of Fires and Steve Lubiana from Stefano Lubiana Wines. The full video from these producers is at the bottom of this page.

The breakdown

Harvest location


Looking after the land

54% of all the vineyard area in Tasmania was managed under the VinØ program in 2020/21.

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Our past (value & volume)

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the rest...

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Full 2021 vintage report video

Thanks to our producers from around the island for providing their thoughts on vintage 2021:

*The figures contained in this report are sourced from surveying Tasmanian wine producers. Wine Australia estimates that the total Tasmanian crush for 2021 is 10,800 tonnes based on a different methodology. See its report here.