Vintage 2020

The numbers

889,000 cases (dozen) of 2020 wine produced

12,308 tonnes processed

↓ 28%

$3,037 /tonne average value of wine grapes

↑ 7%

Table wine grapes: $3,092 /tonne

Sparkling wine grapes: $2,973 /tonne

↓ 1%

↑ 13%

40% of all 2020 wine = sparkling wine

↑ 4%

8th most valuable wine region in the country

↔ Steady

133238 2

The summary

"Quality exceptional, yields down"

Full video at the end of this report.

The breakdown

Varieties small3


Looking after the land

45% of all the vineyard area in Tasmania was managed under the VinØ program in 2019/20.

Vin Ø Slice2

Our past (value & volume)


the rest...

Regional Comp2

Full Vintage report video

Thanks to our producers from around the island for providing their thoughts on Vintage 2020:

*The figures contained in this report are sourced from surveying Tasmanian wine producers. Wine Australia estimates that the total Tasmanian crush for 2020 is 9,166 tonnes based on a different methodology. See its report here.