Clear Skies and a Strong Chance of Wine

The 2021 Tasmanian vintage is underway across the island, as wine producers harvest grapes and get them safely into wineries for another year.

Wine Tasmania CEO Sheralee Davies said the cooler weather experienced across the season had resulted in a delayed start to picking and would likely lead to a slower vintage.

“Good weather across most of the island during spring has set up our vineyards for great quality and a return to solid quantities, following a challenging and reduced vintage in 2020.

“This is the busiest and the most critical time of the year for growers, when all of the efforts of tirelessly managing vineyards day in, day out over the past twelve months are rewarded.”

Ms Davies said that grapes were likely to be harvested over the next 8-10 weeks as different vineyard sites and grape varieties continued to ripen.

“We’re hoping for relatively stable weather and clear skies to help us finish harvesting and start crafting and maturing another vintage of outstanding Tasmanian wines,” she said.

This includes skies clear of smoke as well as rain clouds, and Wine Tasmania is reminding anyone planning to burn to be aware of the potential risk posed to neighbouring vineyards.

“Wine grapes are extremely susceptible to smoke, and exposure to heavy, persistent smoke can result in wine that is unpalatable and therefore unsaleable.”

“With the statutory Fire Permit period starting to come to an end in parts of the state, we are reminding landholders planning to burn, to consult with neighbouring vineyards about their vintage progress and risks posed. It may be that delaying a planned burn by a week or two is all that's needed to ensure that wine grapes are not impacted by smoke," Ms Davies said.

“The ongoing support and communication with fire agencies, including the Tasmania Fire Service, Sustainable Timber Tasmania and the Parks and Wildlife Service, is valued, as we all cooperate to both protect the livelihood of Tasmanian grape growers and the broader community through the fuel reduction activities of these agencies.”

Wine Tasmania has developed a map showing vineyard locations, as well as a fact sheet on the impact of smoke to wine grapes, with both available at or by contacting Wine Tasmania.

“Tasmanian wines continue to be recognised both at home and around the world for the outstanding quality offered by our island and talented producers. Lovers of Tasmanian wine can look forward to tasting the rewards of the 2021 Tasmanian vintage over the coming months and years.”

Further information: Sheralee Davies, Chief Executive Officer, or Paul Smart, Technical Officer, Wine Tasmania - phone 03 6223 3770 or email