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COVID-19 Information

UPDATED: 1 July 2020, 11.00am EST (you may need to refresh this web page to get the latest update)

  • New: A Tasmanian Lifeline service - COVID-19 has made life tough for Tasmanians. The future suddenly feels uncertain. If you are struggling, feeling alone, or need help, you can call A Tasmanian Lifeline. The team at A Tasmanian Lifeline are ready to take your call between 8am and 8pm on 1800 98 44 34. Or you can book a confidential call online at www.atasmanianlifeline.com.au. Please share this information with your staff and colleagues and flyers have been provided for you to forward to staff, print and display in staff rooms. If you'd like hard copies or wallet cards to give to staff, please drop us a note at mail@winetasmania.net.au and we'll obtain from Lifeline.
  • Border reopening - the Tasmanian Premier has advised that it is intended to reopen borders from 24 July, subject to health advice. View details and official updates here and please also familiarise yourself with the national cellar door guidelines, developed through Australian Grape & Wine in consultation with state wine organisations - noting that in Tasmania, food and beverage service - including at cellar doors - still needs to be seated.
  • 24 June 2020: Premier announces further easing of restrictions from noon on Friday 26 June 2020 - up to 250 people allowed to gather indoors (per area, if a venue has multiple rooms / areas) and 500 people outdoors, subject to capacity to ensure social distancing, with density reduced to 2 square metres per person (from 4 square metres). Food and beverage service (including at cellar doors) remains seated only. Further details available here and in our updated FAQs, as well as dedicated resources on the Tasmanian Liquor & Gaming website here. Please also familiarise yourself with the national cellar door protocols here (noting Tasmanian cellar doors are only able to offer seated wine tastings / glass / bottle service), and make sure you have a COVID-19 Worksafe Plan in place (see details below).
  • 12 June 2020: Premier announces further easing of restrictions from noon on Wednesday 17 June 2020 - up to 80 people allowed to gather, including at cellar doors (subject to capacity to ensure social distancing) for seated, food and / or alcohol service - with social distancing and hygiene requirements.
  • 2 June 2020: Premier announces stage 2 and 3 restrictions will be eased earlier and from 3pm on Friday 5 June 2020 - this includes cellar doors being able to open for 40 people (along with pubs, bars and clubs) for seated, alcohol-only service (ie not requiring food) - with social distancing and hygiene requirements.
  • COVID Safe Workplaces - each business needs to have a COVID Safe Workplace Plan - view checklist and small business template here. Wine businesses will be impacted by guidelines relevant to agriculture, food processing, hospitality and retail - full details for available here.

We've been speaking with many members on a range of questions and issues relating to the evolving situation and impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) over the past few months. We know it's a very challenging, stressful and uncertain time, and will endeavour to provide you with the latest information as the situation keeps changing. We have compiled a list of key assistance available and common questions here (you may need to refresh this web page to get the latest update) to help you navigate all the information. If you have any other questions, please get in touch - if we don't have the answer, we'll chase it up. Please call Sheralee (0407 004 959), Paul (0414 980 798) or Allison (0409 285 100) at Wine Tasmania at any time.

We are continuing to develop ways to support and promote online wine sales, including launching a new online one-stop-shop to promote Tasmanian wine producers, facilitate and encourage direct sales, with all members invited to participate in future campaigns. We are also encouraging people to support wine producers including through buying wine directly from producers and visiting cellar doors currently open and would like to hear from you on any other suggestions.

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Please get in touch with Wine Tasmania at any time with questions, comments and suggestions - 0407 004 959 (Sheralee), 0414 980 798 (Paul) or 0409 285 100 (Allison). Stay safe, look after yourself and others.