Biosecurity Resources

Over the past few months, Wine Tasmania has been working on a new biosecurity program to protect our vines, particularly from the threat of Phylloxera. The best way we can protect ourselves from Phylloxera is to manage and minimise access to our vineyards and to educate visitors on why it’s important to stay out of vineyards (or to seek permission and details on hygiene protocols if access is allowed).

With the support of the Tasmanian Government, through our partnership with Biosecurity Tasmania, we have developed a range of materials for use by all wine producer members.

Education Videos

Tasmanian Vineyard Biosecurity Signage

Tasmanian vineyard biosecurity signage, which is now rolling out around the state. These signs focus on visitors to our cellar doors with an underlying biosecurity message. With Biosecurity Tasmania’s support, the initial print run is heavily subsidised for members, and will revert to cost recovery pricing once sold out! Further details and orders can be found here.

Biosecurity Information Brochure

Wine Tasmania has produced a biosecurity information brochure for display and/or distribution at your cellar door/vineyard. This handy little publication outlines the steps that visitors need follow when they visit your vineyard to ensure we manage access to vineyards and continue to protect our sector. Stock is available free of charge from Wine Tasmania by contacting or (03) 6223 3770 and we will send them to you, free of charge.

Biosecurity Module - VinØ

Biosecurity information, resources and best practice guidelines as part of a dedicated module in Wine Tasmania’s VinØ (vin zero) program - login to the member section of the website and access here -Ø-is-for-members - or get in touch if you have any problems accessing.

Biosecurity Website

Public-facing information on Wine Tasmania’s website to support the signage and brochure:

Useful Links

Thank you for your support of this important program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wine Tasmania.