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The information below is for Tasmanian Producers, for general information please visit here

The Tasmanian VinØ system is a tailored best management practice system, designed to assist producers to monitor, report and improve their practices. 

It is a significant and important initiative, providing a user-friendly and practical reporting tool. Program members receive a detailed annual benchmarking report, which identifies areas where they are performing strongly and areas requiring improvement. It also allows them to assess their performance alongside other program members. View an example of this benchmarking report here.

Not only is this intended to support vineyard practices, outcomes and efficiencies, it will also provide a credible platform which can be promoted to customers in due course. 

The reporting criteria dictate the minimum requirements to attain the achievement of progress toward Best Management Practice. It was initiated to accomplish two objectives:

  1. To provide a template for all Tasmanian winegrowers to assess and improve their own sustainability against a set of Best Practice parameters and recognised metrics; and
  2. To provide the evidence to the greater community that Tasmanian winegrowers take their stewardship of the landscape seriously.

“Sustainable production is an economically viable system in which production occurs without degrading or damaging the natural resources that support production, benefiting the property, the community, the broader environment and future generations.”

This program, which was launched in March 2016, is only available to members of Wine Tasmania.

If you are not a member of Wine Tasmania and would like further information about membership and VinØ, please contact the office on (03) 6223 3770 or send an email to


VinØ is only available to members of Wine Tasmania.  The registration fee is $225 for the current season and based on a financial year. 

How to Order:

Please email the office for an invoice.

We thank you for your registration.