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Prickly Mo Wines

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Twenty two years after establishment, we thought it was time to open a cellar door. But where?

“I know! - the old shearing shed”.

“Mmm... bit rough mate, weatherboards missing, the roof leaks, and it’s got a fair lean to it”.

“Nah, she’ll be right. I’ll fix it up, get rid of all the junk and give it a sweep”.

“Those fancy wine ponces won’t think much of it mate”.

“Once they taste our wine, they wouldn’t care if they were in a cow shed!”

“Mmm... The old milking shed.. there’s another idea”

Opening Hours

12pm - 5pm Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays all year round.

12pm - 10pm Fridays + live music on Friday nights.

Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.