European Wasp Baits - CLOSED

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Wine Tasmania’s Wasp Baiting Service Closed 

Wine Tasmania will no longer be operating a European Wasp Baiting program, with its Australian Pests & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) Permit expiring on 31 March 2019 (see here). 

Wine Tasmania members can access a new cheat sheet on how to control wasps on your property, including a cheap and legal way to purchase Fipronil, by clicking here.

Baits will no longer be created or sold by Wine TasmaniaPlease do not contact Wine Tasmania.

Wine Tasmania is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by voluntary membership of Tasmanian wine business. Responsibility for creation and distribution of baits to manage European Wasps falls well outside its direct responsibility. It agreed to take on this responsibility in 2013 when the Tasmanian Government decided not to continue offering this service, due to the devastating impact European Wasps can have on wine grapes. While being funded by wine businesses, Wine Tasmania also agreed to continue making baits available to other primary producers, in accordance with the permit. 

This has been a very significant impost on Wine Tasmania’s small office for the past five years, and it has advised the Tasmanian Government it will no longer take on this broader pest management and community role. 

Until recently, there were no other legal options for primary producers to use the highly effective Fipronil-based baits to manage European Wasps. There is now, however, a new national permit for vineyards, orchards and berry farms (see details below). 

Wine Tasmania members are welcome to get in touch at any time. Other primary producers or enquirers should read the information below and please note that Wine Tasmania should no longer be contacted regarding wasp baits


For Control of European Wasps in Orchards, Vineyards and Berry Farms - APVMA Permit 86492 

A permit exists for appropriate users to create their own wasp baits using cat food. This permit is only for orchards, vineyards and berry farms and was created by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI). Please see further information and contact DPI NSW with any enquiries: 

For Other Areas & Properties 

Please visit this page for further information:

Please do not contact Wine Tasmania regarding wasp baits, as this service is no longer available. 

Wine Tasmania’s Wasp Baiting Service CLOSED

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