Draft Federal Grant Guidelines

Posted under Submissions

Wine Tasmania has collaborated with other state wine organisations to submit a joint response to draft Federal Grant guidelines. The Federal Government released draft guidelines for new grants announced as part of the changes to wine taxation, including (1) Wine Tourism & Cellar Door Grants and (2) Export & Regional Wine Support Package Grants

Whilst many of the changes to the wine tax rebate are positive and have been supported, the reduction in the rebate and new compliance requirements are applying pressure to many regional wine producers. In this context, the grant programs are particularly important to support regional wine producers and the Australian wine sector more broadly.

As an overarching comment on the draft grant guidelines, it is believed that there are significant improvements that can be made to these guidelines to provide greater clarity and consistency, and remove unnecessary obstacles to this funding being utilised and maximised for long-term benefit. Furthermore, the state wine organisations have proposed an alternative process to award the non-competitive state-based grants in order to align with the individual state strategies and remove unnecessary administration.

Please view the joint submissions on the draft guidelines for the (1) Wine Tourism & Cellar Door Grant and (2) Export & Regional Wine Support Package Grants, and contact Sheralee Davies at Wine Tasmania with any questions or to discuss - 03 6223 3770.