Upcoming Events April 2019

Benchmark Wine Tasting - East Coast

Join fellow Wine Tasmania producer members for a benchmark tasting, where we compare ourselves to the world! Click on the heading above for details.

ECHO - East Coast Harvest Odyssey

ECHO is a celebration of harvest through history - a festival of the senses. To be held at the picturesque Gala Mill by the Swan River, in Cranbrook, Tasmania on 6 & 7 April 2019. Click on the heading above for further details.

Freycinet Feast Experience - Special End of Season Trip

For the last trip of the season, Freycinet Experience is hosting a special event that brings the best of the Autumn harvest to your plate and glass. This trip will begin and end with a visit to the two wineries that produce Tasmania's two Langton's Classified Wines, Domaine A and Freycinet Vineyard plus a side trip to Mona. This five-day experience includes all the brilliant highlights with a dinner party each night that showcases the best of Tasmania's fresh produce. Click on the heading above for further information.