Yield One-on-One Interactive Session

The Yield Research Project is a three-year investigation into why yields vary so much in Tasmania. With the project now half completed, we are giving a sneak peek at some of the outputs of the research in an interactive format at your place of business. Paul Smart will deliver practical tips, tricks and information in a one-hour presentation, including discussions of how you can manage yield variation. 

Topics include:

  • project overview
  • pruning for bud fruitfulness
  • effects of nitrogen on fertility
  • why nitrogen affects flavour positively
  • trace elements and their role
  • the role of irrigation in yield management
  • climate modelling of Tasmanian viticultural yield, and the future

As well as this presentation you will be provided with a bunch of resources for you to keep.

To book a one-on-one appointment with Paul, click HERE