Finlaysons Wine Roadshow

Australian wine exports are booming again - do you want to catch the export wave? 

Once again, Finlaysons has gathered together a group of experts, with proven expertise and experience, including representatives of WFA and Wine Australia, for Wine Roadshow 26 to give you answers to the following questions (amongst others):

  • Do you know which markets present the greatest opportunities in the short, medium and long terms?
  • What are the tips and traps if you want to exploit these markets?
  • What trade barriers are in the way and what are we doing about them?
  • What grant monies are available?
  • How do you access them?
  • What export approvals are required?
  • What is the process to obtain them?
  • What should be in your contract with your importer / distributor?
  • How do you present it to them without upsetting the relationship?
  • What do you do if you have a dispute with your importer?
  • Can you resolve it but still maintain the relationship?
  • Alternatively, how do you exit whilst still getting paid and preserving your stock?

Attend Wine Roadshow 26 and position your business to catch the export wave, without being dumped.

View event and registration details here - Friday 17 August 2018 at Hadleys Hotel, Hobart (2.30-6.00pm - seminar, followed by drinks).