“Cut, Cut, Cut!” Soft Pruning Workshop (North)

The Tasmanian Wine sector has the first recorded planting of vines in Australia (it's true). While those vines did not survive, the current age of vines in Tasmania is ageing rapidly. Trunk Disease will become more prevalent and this workshop is designed to upskill growers before diseases become a major yield impediment.

Soft Pruning - The Simonit&Sirch Method

We are delighted to bring all the way from California, Mia Fischer of Simonit&Sirch to come and present the Soft Pruning method. There has been much interest in this style of pruning to increase the longevity of grapevines. The Simonit&Sirch method aims to reduce susceptibility to trunk disease (such as Eutypa), strengthening & preserving vine structure and establishing homogeneity, resulting in:
- improved and optimised productive and vegetative balance,
- even budding and shoot development,
- better lignification leading to uniform ripening,
- improved uniformity's influence on grape quality consistency,
- increased resistance to seasonal stress,
- extending the ageing potential and productive lifespan of the vines.

For further information on Simonit&Sirch please view this pdf.

Article from Wine Australia on Soft Pruning here 
Article from Grapegrower & Winemaker - Pruning: The right cuts to improve vine health and longevity, here
Below is a TedX Talk: Simonit&Sirch -- grape vine pruners: Marco Simonit at TEDxRoncade


10:00 - Arrival for 10:15 start - Tea/Coffee/Cake
10:15 - Welcome - Housekeeping
10:20 - Ben Peitsch, Brown Family Wine Group - Lessons from 5 years of Klima
10:50 - Dr Jo Jones, TIA - Bud fruitfulness and bud imaging
11:20 - Harriet Walker, TIA - Spur V Cane, What did we learn from the Yield Project
11:35 - Mia Fischer, Simonit&Sirch - Soft pruning presentation
13:35 - Lunch
14:20 - Mia Fischer, Simonit&Sirch - Soft pruning demonstration
16:20 - Goodbye


Date:  24 June, 10:00-16:30
Venue:  St Matthias Vineyard, 113 Rosevears Dr, Rosevears (Google map link)


As we will be walking in the vineyard for the demonstration, you will be required to undertake a footbath of your shoes. Details here.


Cost for this event is

  • $50 (Wine Tasmania members) 
  • $110 (non-members)

Tickets are limited.
Registrations close 3 days prior.
Cancellations made within 24 hours to the event will incur a 50% fee.

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This event is supported generously by the Wine Australia Regional Program