Wine Tasmania is the peak body for Tasmanian grape growers and winemakers. It was established in late 2006 to replace the Vineyards Association of Tasmania, bringing with it a new focus to build the profile of, and market, Tasmania’s premium cool-climate wines. It is an independent, non-profit organisation, financed by its member businesses, with additional funding sourced from corporate sponsors, the Federal and Tasmanian Governments.

Membership of Wine Tasmania comprises three classes:

(a) Ordinary membership;

(b) Associate membership; and

(c) Life (non-voting) members.

Ordinary Membership

An ordinary member must be a corporate entity or an individual with a professional involvement in the production of grapes and/or grape wine in Tasmania, and/or marketing of Tasmanian grape wines which they have produced. This category is open to vineyard owners and/or winemakers. An ordinary member shall be entitled to one (1) vote in elections of office bearers and at general meetings.

For more information regarding ordinary membership, please click here to download our annual membership 2019/2020 flyer. It also contains details of key activities and achievements undertaken on behalf of Wine Tasmania's members during 2018/19.

To join Wine Tasmania as an ordinary member, please click here to download an ordinary membership application form for the 2019/20 membership year.

NB: Please note that Level 1 marketing members must also adhere to Wine Tasmania's Code of Conduct. This is currently being updated.  Please contact Wine Tasmania for further information.

Associate Membership

Associate members will be classified into one of the following membership classes:

(1) corporate;
(2) government;
(3) employee; or
(4) student.

Corporate associate members shall be corporate entities or individuals who do not satisfy the criteria for ordinary membership but who have commercial or other interests in the wine industry, including but not limited to, wine distributors, wine writers, educators, grape or wine researchers, commercial suppliers to the wine industry, interested consumers, etc. Where a member is a corporate entity, an individual person will be nominated as the formal representative of that entity. Additional employees, other than the nominated representative, may be employee associate members. Associate members may attend and speak at meetings but will not be entitled to any voting rights.

To join Wine Tasmania as an associate member, please click here to download an associate membership application form for the 2019/20 membership year. 

For further information on some of the key activities undertaken by Wine Tasmania on behalf of its members, please click here

Life (non-voting) members

Life membership may be awarded to an individual who is no longer professionally involved in the industry, but who has given outstanding service to the company and/or the industry. Life memberships are to be awarded by the Board of Wine Tasmania. Life members may attend and speak at meetings but will not be counted towards a quorum and will not be entitled to any voting rights.

For full details on all categories of membership, please refer to Wine Tasmania's Constitution which may be downloaded by clicking here.